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Some people enlighten us. Some people entertain us. Some people save our lives. 


Back in November of last year I wrote a post about The REAL Awards: a first-of-its-kind awards platform honoring REAL health workers in the US who have made REAL and lasting difference in the lives of the families they have served. The award has been created by Save the Children, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Frontline Health Workers Coalition. 

A total of 179 inspiring health workers have been nominated for the award, including my wonderful sister-in-law, Karen. The categories included: 1) Newborn and Mother Care; 2) Pediatric Care; 3) Chronic Disease Care; 4) Hospice Care; 5) Emergency Care; 6) Veteran Care; 7) At-Home Care; and 8) General Health Worker.

Please take a moment to read about these amazing people and cast your vote! Voting ends on January 7, and inaugural honorees will be announced on January 15. C’mon, Get REAL!

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